Why Being an Escort Is a Hard Job

Are you planning on becoming an escort? Today, most countries have legalized prostitution. This means that you can be an escort as long as you have attained the legal age in your state or country. However, you should understand the risks involved in being an escort.

Why is being an escort a hard job?

1. Risk of physical violence

Being an escort, you are being exposed to the world where you meet random people who have no feelings for you. This means that they can do anything to you. To make matters worse, you are exposed to clients that think since they are paying you a hefty fee, they own you. Hence a small disagreement would trigger a physical assault.

2. Mental disturbance

Living against societal norms is not an easy task. Living against your parental guidance and teaching would cause a lot of mental torture. You begin hating yourself and your life choices. You view yourself as an outcast. Many of your relatives may end up neglecting you. You face stigma each and every day.

3. Put a pause in your life

Being an escort demands the sacrifice of your body and your time. When you an escort, it will be very hard to date. You will also lose the privilege of getting pregnant. You will have to live your life to please your clients avoiding disturbances of relationship commitments.

This generally means that you will have put a pause to your life till the day you decide to quit. Even after quitting, adapting to normal life might turn out to be very difficult. You might have to spend the rest of your life lonely or adopt a kid, which may not be assured since you have a history that social workers might not approve of.

4. Future regret

Let us face it; no parent wants to see their child take this line of profession. In your old age after 12 years of being an escort, you will begin regretting seeing as if you messed all your life. You start regretting the life you choose for yourself and wish that you were given a second chance. When you are an escort, you miss so many opportunities in the ordinary world that may come hunting you in the future.

5. Exposure to STDs

Today, STDs such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. are so common. When you are an escort, you put yourself at the risk of contracting some of these STDs. You do not know the health status of your client, but in some way through anal or oral sex, you might end up contacting a disease that you might have to live with the rest of your life.

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